District MTL

The Magazine Takes a Stand

In the heart of downtown Montreal, THE MAGAZINE TAKES A STAND exhibit pays homage to artists from all avenues of creativity with some forty gigantic magazine pages inspired by issues of Dress to KILL (DTK) published over the years.
Displaying some of the most stunning images produced by the DTK collective, the exhibit takes a look at intimate encounters between creators from the worlds of fashion, film, music, visual arts and design.
Revealing the talent behind the creations and the parallels between creative worlds, THE MAGAZINE TAKES A STAND is an opportunity to see how these creative collaborations are a product of individual talents that are grounded in a collective vision. It’s also an opportunity to assess theboldness, expertise and vision of established and emerging Montreal designers.
THE MAGAZINE TAKES A STAND exhibit is extented until September. The public can visit the exhibit everyday, on the Gallery level of downtown Montreal’s Eaton Centre. Admission is free.